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Get energy when and where your business needs it.

Bridge the gaps in the electric grid with fast, smart, clean, and affordable portable power.

Critical Loop makes power more attainable. We pair industry-leading portable energy storage with best-in-class predictive software and drive it to your location so you can operate at full capacity and shave peak power pricing while you’re at it.

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Manufacturers depend on dependable power. That’s why we offer business owners and commercial managers alternative power solutions that deliver reliable service, provide cost savings, and manage your power for you.

EV Charging Stations

EV Charging Stations

Keep EV drivers driving and revenue rolling. Our fleet of mobile batteries helps EV charging stations increase volume, decrease down time, reduce peak energy usage, and service off-grid locations.

Data Centers

Data Centers

Growing GPU load and finding yourself restricted by an upgrade delay or non-attainment zone? With a fleet of batteries peak shaving, we can max out your load factor and charge on nearby clean generation to make up the difference, so you can build for the future now instead of waiting.

Critical Infrastructure

Critical Infrastructure

An unreliable grid compromises your mission or advanced manufacturing process. Critical Loop provides automatic, near instantaneous transfer to high quality battery power, serving large loads without disruption at a fraction of the cost and emissions of traditional solutions.

There for you when the grid is not

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How It Works

Powering your business with a 3-step process


Tell us what you need

We work with you to pinpoint your increased power needs based on planned equipment installs and existing power capabilities.


We develop a solution

We build a custom-fit solution that meets your power needs and seamlessly connects with your facility and create a financing package that works for your business.


Flip the switch

We take care of the necessary permitting then install your power solution and train your team in less than a day. Once installed, we monitor system health remotely and enable you to track power usage in real time with our customer dashboard.


Fast and reliable

Fast and reliable

Our mobile energization solutions can offer your business reliable power in a matter of hours.

Cost savings

Cost savings

Our fleet of mobile batteries allows you to delay permanent infrastructure upgrades and shave peak power pricing.

Easy implementation

Easy implementation

Our power solution’s design enables easy installation while its mobility allows you to circumvent red tape.

Increased capacity

Increased capacity

Our range of products enable you to power more equipment, expand your operations, and move at the pace of business growth.

Case study

Critical Loop provides lifeline in wake of electrical fire

Case study


When extreme weather led to an electrical fire that took out critical utility infrastructure, one West Coast factory was forced to run their entire manufacturing facility on a diesel generator. After learning that the utility had no repair date planned, they reached out to Critical Loop for help.


Critical Loop designed a temporary power solution that enabled the factory to run welders, CNC machines, and milling equipment that require stable power by pairing the factory’s existing generator with battery usage. On alternating days, the facility was powered by our >1MWh 500kW battery energy storage system. This allowed their diesel generator to run half as many production shifts while both powering their facility and charging the battery.

Since the generator is more efficient when operating at a higher load, the factory was able to get more energy per gallon of fuel while exposing workers to fewer emissions and less noise. And since the battery has a higher capacity than the factory’s generator, the facility was able to increase their load by a factor of two and ramp up production—without being connected to the grid at all.


<1 day

of installation and training


increase in load capacity


less overall generator usage

The power is yours

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